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covers Java 7
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The long awaited release of Java 7 is coinciding with a revolution in the tools and the technical culture of projects that are using Java technologies.

One of the biggest shifts is the trend towards non-Java languages on the JVM. This is a movement which began several years ago, but is gathering momentum – and has led to a great cross-fertilisation between Java and other JVM languages.

The state of Java 7

  1. Java 7 on Pure Danger Tech Alex Miller’s blog
  2. Java 7 Features
  3. Java 7 Milestones As of this date, this page has not been updated in accordance to Oracle’s new plan for Java 7
  4. JSR-203 NIO.2 (New I/O 2 for Java)
  5. Mark Reinhold’s blog (Chief Java Architect for Oracle)
  6. Open JDK (Where Java 7 is being developed)
  7. We are speaking at The Server Side Java Symposium on March 16th-18th at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, US